Sunday, August 20

Backpacking and Lake District - New Links

I've just added a few new links which I've found useful. Hope they help you.

Backpacking Lightweight
The blurb: "While it is true that Backpacking Lightweight promotes ultralight backpacking & hiking, featuring lightweight backpacking equipment, it is a also a proven resource - for all backcountry travelers - for researching and purchasing quality outdoor gear!!"

Plenty of good advice ranging from why/how to do it, how to start, and moving through to quite advanced ideas. A US based site, but for once not full of talk about shootin', fishin', and running away from bears!
The blurb: "If you are looking for information about lakes, lochs or loughs in the UK then you are in the right place. UKLakes is a database derived from digital map data and holds a wide range of environmental information about lakes and lochs"

Excellent search facility for when you know the tarn you're after but can't find the darned thing on the map.

The Lakeland Webs
The blurb: "Individual, unique, focuses, and original websites for the mountain areas of the English Lake District, designed for those people who visit and enjoy this wonderfull county. Each site totally dedicated to the area, and only that area, free from outside advertising or clutter, information & Inspiration for Cumbrian locations and nothing else"

One portal to 6 websites each covering an area of the Lake District. I remember spotting a couple of these sites earlier this year and the content has continued to grow, and the areas covered expand.

The sites provides links to lots of local webcams so you can check the weather actually matches the forecast. If memory serves one of the web authors is linked with Wasdale Moutain Rescue Team so the information is coming for a good source.

There we go - something for a browse on a rainy day.

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