Thursday, August 31

Lakes District - Trip report in a nutshell -Day 1

Well it all started out so well

A pleasant trip across the northern end of Derwent Water via boat to the Hawse End landing, along with the other early morning day walkers. I even managed to keep a straight face as they milled around on the landing pier looking for the path. "Perhaps" I pointed out "that sign saying To Catbells" might be a clue?"

I should have known then that that that comment might come back and haunt me at some point.

I did spot a likely looking wildcamp spot looking back towards Keswick. On a partly wooded hill nicely off the beaten track. Something for the future if I ever want to get off the bus and straight on the hills.

So over Maiden Moor onto High Spy and then a steep descent to Dale Head Tarn.

Despite looking great from High Spy it was not quite so good when I finally got there.

The main footpath ran straight past the tarn, the best looking camp spot was within a sheepfold, but overall the site was deep in the bottom of a valley and rather overlooked by High Spy and Dale Head. Where was the view?

So I wandered up to Launchy Tarn to take a look at it and the two smaller unamed tarns beyond.

The water looked quite silty, and the surrounding area quite boggy, but with a bit of mooching about I found a bit of wind protection and set up camp below the ridge looking down the valley beyond Dale Head Tarn.

And there I'll stop for the moment as Blogger seems to have stopped loading any more pictures.

More to come......

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