Wednesday, August 30

What I did on my holidays

Back in from the sullen northern climes, and a somewhat fretful rail trip both ways. (Thanks to Reading Rock Festival, the drunk at Oxford, and the ASLEF one day strike)

A bit off a mixed trip this time around, mostly down to indifferent and finally downright nasty weather.

It started off like this ......

...then spent the next few days turning into this...

Before finally the weather finally turned nasty leading to a somewhat 'interesting' few hours over some bad ground and nil visibility. Thats the view down the The Band in the Langdale Valley by the way

The best view I'd had for hours. In fact the only view I'd had, including any sign of a path.

Strangely I'd had the similar bad weather (gales/driving rain) exactly a year before to the day, but had then been camping on the opposite side of the Langdale valley. And it looked ok over there this time

Perhaps I'll need to try the beach next August Bank Holiday?

More trip notes soon plus thoughts and jottings I made whilst out wildcamping and travelling on the fells.

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