Wednesday, September 6

Lakeland Rescues - A Slight Reprise Again

The subject's not going away.

Unsurprisingly the fund raisers are wading in to support the MRT comments. And let's not forget the MRTs themselves rely on donations and fundraising to keep their level of excellent service going.

It's commendable, but unless details of the specific incidents are more widely analysed, it may be little more than a salve on the basic problem of the Three Peakers.

I can offer no easy solution.

A least two incidents (31/8 - 2/9) involved multiple groups indicating some form of organisation?

I can sympathise with the main cause behind this one. If you've spent some time training and planning for an event like this you're not going to let a little thing like the weather stop you after travelling all that way now are you? It takes a brave person, when part of a team, to cry "Stop". But surely that's what was needed.

Risk assessment at an individual level, as well as a team level.

People have a perfect right to climb hills. They also have a right to die through stupidity.

What they don't have is the right to expect others to dig them out of the hole they've created.

The gulf between the two extremes is wide. Often stupidity is little more than lack of experience, and we've all suffered from that at some time.

I suspect the key is better education of the dangers and pitfalls, at a level that will get through to the less aware individuals. But without money to get the message spread wider, the best that can be hoped for is the control included as part of organised events, tragedies on the news (national not local), or word of mouth - and that's always the most difficult to get across to some people.

Since I originally posted this, I've googled a few links, just in case some newbie Three Peak Challenger comes across this post and needs some advice. I might as well take my own advice here and provide some helpful information.

To my surprise the first piece I came across seemed to miss the point entirely about personal safety(Fire Service) If an important body such as this can miss the point.......?

So if in doubt check out the Institute of Fundraising link via Wikipedia which hits the nail on the head with their section on Safety & Conduct

Or to use another source Merseyventure 3 Peak challenge (one of the main advice sites for challengers) puts it in a nutshell - "The team as a whole should know how to deal with an emergency, and when to quit safely, rather than continue at all costs".

If you are new to all this. Do a bit of research beforehand. Please.


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