Sunday, September 3

Lakes District - Trip report - Final Thoughts & Tips (for the moment)

Pack Load
My pack weight, walking out of the house, was around 35lb. As this included my walking boots, and a couple of paperbacks for the train journey, I was quite happy with the load and despite a full pack, removal of the boots would instantly allow me to fold in the pack extension.

The walking weight felt good, despite taking on 3kg (6.5lb) of water at one point. The fact that I could feel the pack weight change so much after this extra meant that I'd got the total weight about right.

By the time I returned and unloaded the small collection of books picked up from Ambleside and boots, total weight was down to 22lbs.

Now that's more like it. But room for a little more improvement yet I think.

Tips This Trip
1. I cut down an old Karrimor cellmat (circa 1975!) for this trip. This was to be used to keep my legs and feet warm, as I had bought a 3/4 length Thermarest Prolite 3 just before the trip; This turned out to be a large weight (1lb) & space saving in itself with no decrease in sleeping comfort.

The cellmat proved great as a sit mat whilst walking, but really came into it's own when used in the tent entrance. It kept the mud out of the tent. It was ideal in providing a flat surface for cooking preparation, to rest the coffee mug and to use when changing my contact lenses - a problem in the past.

Getting in and out of the tent, which usually ideally means kneeling inside the porch, was also sorted - no more wet knees, and on this trip that would have otherwise have been a certainty.

Oh - and I managed to have a dry and warm bum when sat around the campsite in the evening.

Multi-use and negligable weight and volume. A great tip.

2. I usually fold up my Prolite 100 fleece jumper to use as a pillow. This time I put it inside the tent stuff sack, and left a little air in it. It made a great pillow and no chasing it around the tent during the night.

3. Maps. I removed the cardboard covers before I went. I know it sounds a little ultralight, but folding them became so much easier. And when I returned back home I just slipped each map back in its cover.

4. As before I took 3 large size resealable Tesco plasic bags initially as a waterproof mapcover when walking. As they wore out they then doubled as a relatively liquid tight refuse bag, which could be left in the mesh pocket on the outside of my pack and just dropped into the next convenient bin.
That not only meant no litter (essential to do this!) but also got rid of the bag weight as well.

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I've started taking an el cheapo poncho with me to line my Akto's porch with. I think it cost me £4 and weights next to nothing. It's nice being able to sit on something dry in the porch rather than be completely tent-bound on those wet evenings.

The poncho (it's one of those with poppers along the side, so essentially, it's just a large square of material) also comes in handy for making an emergency lunch shelter too :)

I never go hiking without it now.

thats a good idea - thanks
thats a good idea - thanks
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