Sunday, October 1

The wind doth blow...and nudity abroad

If your area is undergoing the same wind conditions as here on the south coast at present, then the best place for camping today has to be this rather well know location nr Rydal. A little damp I know but at least the water is underfoot rather than coming horizontally at you.

I spoke to a friend on the southern side of Dartmoor earlier and they said last night was 'the mother of all storms'. Used as they are to bad weather, the fact that they felt the need to make that comment made me wonder just how bad it had been!

Having just returned from some ridge walking in the New Forest (well as ridgey as you can find around here) it was a bit like walking thru a sandstorm at times as the footpath surface regularly took off for parts unknown. Looks like its time to get the kite out later and down to the cliff tops for a bit of body lifting. All in moderation of course. The sea is too near for an unscheduled lift off.

On a seperate note I'm still working my way thru Griffin's book. It's such good stuff it really has to be read slowly to be savoured. Bearing in mind the age of Mr G when he wrote the articles, the number of references to skinny dipping in tarns and waterfalls made me hopeful for my own old age. This guy really carried on living it up when most of us city dwellers are having trouble finding the pipe and slippers. His only regret, as he moved through his 70s, was a reluctance to take on modern climbing routes. I know Wainwright backed off considerably as he aged, and I always thought that was a mixture of failing eyesight and general lack of physical ability to go fo the peaks. Not so with Mr G. There's hope for us all in the man's refusal to let the hills go. And a lot of his walking continued to be solo and off the beaten track.

And finally ...... in a flagrant attempt to distort the search data that I check to see how/why people arrive at this site, I thought a few test keywords would be an interesting experiment.

So did anyone spot the group of naked women sat just inside the tent (photo in Sept 30's post)? They'd been caught out in typical Lakeland deluge minutes earlier, so I felt it the gentlemany thing to offer them shelter to remove their clothes, and dry their gear out. Didn't want hypothermia setting in now did we. Its the truth. Honest. Ahem.

Now if that was this wind today, they would have been dry in seconds.


Great book that Griffin book.
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