Saturday, November 25

Where's Zippy - I can see Rainbow

...well perhaps not Zippy, or even Bungle, but I can see where Rainbow is.

If you take a closer look you'll see a double rainbow. Not quite that elusive creature, the broken spectre, but around this hill-less area it was a welcome sight indeed, and not one I'd ever seen before.

Only a few days later I not only spotted a 7 colour rainbow, I actually was able to see the foot of it. Had to leave the spade at home - the foot of it disappeared into a New Forest water, so I'm afraid the crock o' gold continues to remain hidden from prying mortal eyes.

And here we are at yet another extremely wet day on the south coast. The winds haven't quite reached the extreme gales forecast by yesterday's weather report, but the rain more than made up for it. Last time I was in so much wet and cold I was stood on the top of Bowfell, trying to work out which way was down. That was only September. It seems so long ago now.

Roll on spring!

On the plus side, I passed the local Scout camp deep in the New Forest and was heartened to see 6 or 7 tents erected for the weekend. In the past few years once the dark nights appear the Scout site has become deserted. Not so today. The bunk house appeared full of activity, and the tents outside were well nailed down for stormy weather.

Thats the spirit guys - the next generation of wildcampers being introduced to the joys of not fearing nature.
Now why am I not out there? Oh I know - still drying out from this mornings deluge. Ahem.

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