Thursday, December 14

Ruddy spammers

Ooooo look at yet another set of offers trying to subvert my local blog readerships to the dark side of their spam.

So for the moment the comment checker is going to have to be switched back on.

Bloody annoying overhead as far as I am concerned but better than letting the buggers back in again


just a quick test
another test
At the end of the test, please put down your pencil and hand your copybook to the invigilator.

Yup, I hate spammers too. I'm at 3 an hour on my main account. They're not ever trying to sell anything (i.e. direct mail), just clogging up the Internet. They should all be put in a prison cell in Basra. Grr.

Hmm, strange that. The Blogger login for the word verification couldn't handle the new account login system. So much for it being out of beta.
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