Sunday, December 31

Blogger conversion

Well I took the plunge earlier this weekend and the blog is now converted. There were a few anxious moments when the migration advised"this may take a few minutes". and was still saying the same 1/2 hour later.

Oh nooooooooooooo

In the event it took over two hours, and as there's less than 70 posts on here heaven help the more established blogs when they try the same.

But it all looks stable now.

My original question still remains, eeeeeeeerrrrr where the benefit to me, coz I can't see any at the moment except the drawback of a longer login process.

The jury, as they say, remains out.

And to all of you out there - have a spiffing New Year celebration, and whatever your resolutions may be, just keep on having fun n frolics along the way.


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