Monday, January 29

......and another UK blogger (#12?)

Apologies to Alan of Alan Sloman's Big Walk

Alan's preparing this spring to to set off from Land's End to walk some 1600 miles to John O'Groats, and trying to raise money for Sue Ryder Care. A laudable campaign.

Better hope he doesn't meet Ian Botham doing one of his regular long distance jaunts. That's the length of Britain at least twice that I can Google. (Just how many times has he made the trip by now?)

Meanwhile I've been following Alan's very regular postings for some time, and thought I had added a link. But I hadn't - so thanks Alan for the reminder and here it is.


Thank you dahling!

Us luvvies!

(Is it true that it is only bloggers who read blogs? )


(Still worried about his Warmlite...0
you're welcome m'dear
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