Thursday, February 1

UK Walking Blog - Meet Up @ Outdoor Show April?

The recent influx of new UK blogs related to walking in this pleasant land has given me an idea, so I thought I'd trot it out to see how what sort of feedback it gets on here.

In recent years I've been drawn to attending the Outdoors Show based at the NEC in Birmingham March 16-18.

It occurs to me a meet of interested UK Walking bloggers might be a possibility if we can decide on:
A) The same day
B) The same time
C) The same physical spot

With all the GPS/PDA and high tech gear at our disposal, if the will is there I'm sure something can be made to happen.

My idea, and I'm open to suggestions here folks, is nothing too formal, just a quick face/name match and possibly a beer/coffee and chat at lunchtime?
Who knows what trips or collaborative ideas might arise?

I was tempted by TGO's link up (Editorial - March 07 magazine) with the Backpackers Club AGM , which sounds very intriguing. But as much as I fancy the event I'm afraid a trip to Bellingham in Northumberland from here on the south coast means big cost in terms of both cash and time. To cover the travel costs for that distance (382 miles) I'd want to stay up there for some time (It's April 27-29 if anyone is tempted)

It's a bit too soon in the season for the packing trips I'm thinking about this year,and without jacking in my job (which pays for all those terrible pleasures I so enjoy) I'm afraid my holiday has to be used sparingly.

So you UK bloggers, or those readers who may fancy a meet, let me know via the comments or e-mail (check the 'Who is.....' on the right of the screen) if the idea appeals.

If there's enough interest I'll volunteer to sort the logistics if one of you buy me a coffee.
I know at the NEC prices that's likely to be a big enough price as it is!

Over to you

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are you bugging my phone calls now as well? ^_^
I said something similar to Dave earlier today!! But was thinking of more a UK Blogger meet somewhere scenic.
Would of been nice to attend that TGO/Backpacking Club meet but it's too near to the Challenge.
Maybe we could get some free tickets to help reduce cost of attending.
That sounds like a great plan (but I will not be able to make this year's meet as i will be somewhere in the Southwest at the time)

It's a pity the Backpackers AGM is so far away for us southerners, but I think that would also be an excellent meet too, particularly as TGO is promoting it too, so we could meet loads of people there.

When you go through the Backpackers site, the history of Backpacking in the UK is fascinating. There is nothing new to those early pioneers - It would be great to meet them too.
I`d be up for a bloggers meet and like Darren somewhere more scenic that Birmingham would be nice. :)

A whole weekend would be good.

One of the main reasons I don't attend the Backpacker Club AGM is that it does seem to be North of Derbyshire most times.

Although it does come South sometimes. :)
great idea i would be up for that,maybe a meet up for the weekend,ill even bring some kangaroo jerky for you all to try!
as iam in london south would be good but iam flexible
Ugh. Times are bad for me. I wish the Easter hols were standardised. They're even different for neighbouring councils in Scotland :(

I've still not made an OM meet either.
That's what comes of living abroad i guess
Want a Holiday with a difference??
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