Saturday, February 3

Windows Livespace Blogging problem - slight reprise


Bearded Git on the web is now the proud recipient of 1 comment (x 12) on his latest post.

Yep. That's another Live Spaces blog. At this rate I'll be banned from all the blogs hosted on that site.

I hate Live Spaces. There it's out in the open now.

I`ve signed up with live spaces so I could post of Darren's, Not sure I want to risk it now :D
Didn't catch that, JH, could you repeat it please?

George don't let John's experience put you off, others have commented with out the same side effect.

I do have the theory that John is try to take down us rival blogs ^__^
12 is that all i got 21 thanks i thought for a moment i was popular
darren ...... go on admit it, you love all the attention I give you

mike......there's always the next time mike


Now if anyone has any idea how i stop the thing happening.....?
Maybe I should change that theory to stalking then ;)
still sticking with an outdoor theme then
not bad 45 this time, I'm sure we can do better than that? ^_^
very shamefaced

And trying not to rise to the challenge

sorry correction it was 43, didn't see the 2 comments from Mike.
Nor me.
At least once I'd left a message

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