Saturday, February 3

UK Walking Blog - Meet Up Part II

Sounds like a backpack camp weekend in the south/mid england is fast becoming the favourite response.

I was initially aiming for a meet at the NEC, as I suspect many of us are going anyway (kill two birds with 1 stone etc) but I'm more than happy to entertain the idea of a weekend out.

So far that's a couple of people London based. I'm E.Dorset. Alan you may even be back from the little south/north wander you have planned by the time this is all sorted. Darren - I know you've the TGO coming up but outside of that?

Keep it coming folks and I'll start a round robin e-mail on time/location once the responses start tailing off.

I live in Farnborough, Hampshire. But the odd times I can be found up Alan's neck of the woods visiting family as I'm a flatlander as well.

Everything I'm doing at mo is geared towards the TGO Challenge. But if I can combine a weekend away with company as well more the better.
Cheers Darren - looking more like a southerly meet up then
I`m in London (obviously :) ). Anywhere is O.K with me as long as it easy access to public transport.
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