Saturday, February 3

UK Blogger (#13?)

Had to add this blog one found via Alan Sloman's Big Walk blog.

I'm So Dave "Land's End to John O'Groats, without a clue".

I've just started to dip into this, and have so enjoyed what I've read so far that I decided to stop and save it for when I have the time to slowly read from Day 1 of the journey on Jan 18th 07.

Not so much a 'I walked here, and then here ........ and then here'. More a case of 'what the bloody hell am I doing?' Anyone with the genius ambition to think about opening a Mousetrap theme pub (the game, not the play) gets my vote.

One to watch. And as far as I'm aware the first UK walking blogger to appear on the radio.

OK its BBC 6.
On DAB only.
On a Sunday afternoon.
Near tea-time.

....but surely that counts?


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