Sunday, February 4

Help - Livespace?

Ho hum don't you just love new software and its features.

In light of my comment posting problems with LIVESPACE I've just spent a pleasant hour setting up a new account, space and blog.

First blog post I put up? Yep that's right - an error message telling me my space is temporarily unavailable, and when I check the livespace blog - multiple entries.


Tried going out and back in the account, simplifying the (standard) layout and finally using the dreaded context sensitive help. Which was most helpful. Not.

Anyone out there had a similar issue with LIVESPACE either posting their own entries or comments? A long shot I know but until this is sorted I'm afraid Livespace commenting is off bounds to me asit's unfair on the other blog owners.

AND I don't even like the bloody package- slow to load and far too Microsoft corporate feeling for my liking.
Reckon LIVESPACE knows that and is sulking?


See it's postings like this that just re-enforce people's anti-M$ feelings... ^__^
I bloody well hope so
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