Wednesday, February 7

Windows Live Space - Adieu

As regular readers may know my efforts to post comments on Livespace blogs has been meeting with utter failure.

Well to be truthful I can post with no problem, but at the cost of spamming my blogging partners in crime, which isn't my intent. No. Honestly.

Anyway after a few days of trying this ..... and that ..... and the other ..... and then the other other ..... tonight I set up my THIRD Livespace id after updating my MSN messenger package.
Guess what - it's now doing exactly the same as the other ids - when it eventually decides to load. Quelle surprise.

At least I now only multi post to myself, and then multi comment to myself as well, but as a new form of entertainment I rather watch the pc with the power cable disconnected.

I figure it's likely to be something in the IE6 settings or similar as it was ok until recently (and no there's been no new s/w just the normal windows bug updates). But now even the Livespace post editor wants to loads with an error message.

As this pc works happily for the other 99.999999999% of sites, I ain't going to spend anymore time trying to fix the fecking thing anymore. Been tooooooooo long in the IT game to get worried over the exception when the time it soaks up can be used for more interesting diversions. Like writing this for instance.

So to Whitespider1066, Puppy's World, and Bearded Git Sorry folks in future I'll e-mail any gems I may want to share, or use an alternative pc for comments when I can, rather than keep inflicting my problems on the rest of you. Of course I'll still be reading your blogs folks as long as you keep posting.

Then again if the excitement of seeing your comment counter leap up so fast is something you feel you can't live without let me know and I'm sure I can help out in few seconds.

Thanks to Whitespider etc who tried to help me out on this one but I know when to rip up the racing slip and throw it in the bin.


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