Wednesday, February 21

...and more blogging on the UK scene

I'm not too sure what's happening here, but the UK walking blogs keep popping up on my radar. So in an attempt to maintain a central link list, here's another that may be of interest.

And a big thank you to Atkoman as I've no idea how I've missed John Hennessy's blog HennessyBlog.
Not the most imaginative of titles (sorry John - lol) but the site dates back to May 2006 and the content on this is superb.

To quote from one of John's posts on his site it's "a loosely organised collection of thoughts around hillwalking, photography, public transport and website updates"

I think John's based in the Macclesfield area but his walks cover Scotland, Wales, Lake District, Pennines, Northumberland, Ireland ........ well you get the idea, this guy gets around a lot and posts regularly.

An excellent site layout and design makes this one look like a bag of nails.

Very much a labour of love so let's show some support. Keep it coming John, and welcome to the club!

Sorry if this is making your daily list of reads that little bit longer, but hey that's what we're here for folks.

Now about this walking lark -anyone found a virtual walking site yet, I've a new post to read
Hee hee hee.

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