Monday, February 26

NEC Outdoors Show & the UK Outdoor Blogger Convention 2007

My show ticket turned up this morning courtesy of a mysterious benefactor (you know who you are - and thanks)

So the UK Outdoor Blogger Convention 2007 ® is now set-up for Friday 16th March at the NEC.

I know a few bloggers have already said they'd be there, but if you're not called Darren, George or Stef please drop me a line to confirm or express your interest. Or just correct me - all these nom-de-plumes are confusing the hell out of me!

The meeting time may need to be moved a little, if Andy H is available with his recording gear, ready to eavesdrop on this momentous inaugural event, to record it for generations yet to come.

Apparently there is still a little difficulty in finding a hall big enough for our main event. Allegedly there's concern from the event organisers over the magnitude with such a powerhouse of combined talent in one room.

And then there's Brian Blessed to consider, he'll be knocking about the show somewhere.

An expert support team is even now being set up such is the concern with the potential loss to mankind in the event one of us becomes entangled in the straps of a carelessly discarded Go-lite rucksack; The possibility of that nirvana of weight saving, the ever elusive strap shortening, proving potentially too irresistible to ignore.

Consider then the assembly of so many rugged individuals. Sun and wind tanned chests bare above the ragged shorts & walking sandals. Beards gently moving in the NEC's air conditioning. Clear eyes gazing into the far distance possibly remembering those mysterious vistas seen by so few human eyes.

Rumours that Wilkinson Sword or Golite-Waxit are seeking the main sponsorship are just scurrilous gossip. Similarly SexWax.

Of course we will all be making our way independently to the show, spurning the usual methods of motorised transport. I personally expect to arrive sometime Thursday evening, my pack being transported during the 160 mile journey by my hand reared llama ( in animal rather than cave dwelling guru)

Now if only I can stop the bugger spitting at policeman.


"Allegedly there's concern from the event organisers over the magnitude with such a powerhouse of combined talent in one room."

Maybe we shouldn't have planned to hold our 2007 Convention in the mens' bogs after all, eh?


Anyway, back to more mundane matters - how will we recognise each other? Will I have to knock up some sort of pseudo-official lapel-badge, or will I have to wear a Trilby, sport a red carnation in my lapel and carry a rolled-up copy of The Times under one arm?
Mens bogs bg - is that 2nd cubicle from the left?

Recognition will be easy - just look for the halo

No idea at present - but a hat might be a good idea - perhaps with some distinguishing feature like a feather, or a big sticker saying "I blog - one of the chosen"?

Hee hee

I'm open to suggestions of a suitably peverse nature (as ever!)
Surely we will be easy to spot.

Four blokes standing around hammering on Palms & Psions and mumbling about not having wi-fi connections.

A Palm!

We may have to cast you out from the fold for being a geek

My Palm ;-)
oh very good george - i like that one
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