Tuesday, February 27

Cameron McNeish bloggs

Well it had to come. Once the established press spotted the adulation being heaped at the feet of the UK Outdoor Bloggers, they just had to join in.

Hee hee.

Cameron McNeish, TGO editor is well known within the UK outdoor world for his writing, radio and TV work over many years. He's also president of the Backpackers’ Club.

When I bumped into him during last years Outdoors Show he struck me as a general all round nice person. Very approachable. No airs and graces.

Many of us amateur bloggers can't help but feel a little touch of envy at his seemingly effortless ability to make a living communicating his love of the outdoors, whilst making a living from it. But as his site biog shows it's been a hard won accolade.

And he was a YHA warden (my fall back occupation if it ever all goes tits up). The man is a legend!

Cameron's recently revamped his site, and now hosts a regularly updated blog. Another one for my links list, although I suspect I may have to start a new sub-category for the professionals if this carries on.



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