Tuesday, September 18

Goggle AdSense - Time to make it all pay?

I've been considering a wet weather project for the coming dark and dreary winter evenings. Although in hindsight the wet summer might have been just as good an opportunity.

One option is a dedicated site, based on the Wordpress toolkit with possibly my own server host. But one drawback. To do it fully will cost money. Which means less for me to spend on drink, drugs and loose women (Well all right - even more glittery outdoor gear) So a self-financing alternative is one thought unless I find a rich philanthropist.

One option is to use a click-pay service such as AdSense which dovetails easily with my current blog host so I can play with it before I get too deeply involved. Not so much to make my fortune, more to cover the running costs of the site.

But I currently enjoy more or less total editorial control over what appears on this site (Dating Site apart - cough) and the lack of any commercial interest means a guarantee of content integrity as far as I am concerned. From what I can find out any advert(s) relate to site content and specific keywords. However quite what that means is unclear.

And then there's the tendency of an ad-loaded site to deter visitors if its tactlessly delivered.

I'd be interested in experiences any of you out there may have.


I've got adsense on my blogs as well as amazon affiliate adverts. I get 50+ hits a day on Conditioning Research - my main log - but so far have only made 2 sales on Amazon netting me about £1:50. As far as know I have not made anything out of the Adsense ads.

I've tried a couple of other affiliate programmes, but no sales there yet either!

So, do not bank on making a lot of money from blogging!

Have alook at the ads at





Stay add free. But Wordpress your own host is the way to go.

Look at www.streamline.net
thanks - off to dig
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