Monday, September 24

Check your Blog site for impact

Fancy a free report on how a search engine reacts to your website pages with some hints on what can be done to improve visibility, some general usability feedback, and an indication of how highly in a search engine the page is ranked?

Then try this link.

There seems to be no limit to the amount of times the report can be re-run, so as a simple tool to help streamline a site it's worth a few minutes of playing around with the results.

I've added a couple of items into the html code, (keywords, meta-tags etc) and will be watching the site visit results over the coming weeks to see what effect there may be. Or not as the case may be. We'll see.

Ho Hum.


The particularly useful thing it does is check to see if links are broken. That could be handy.
True - but I assume some of the the older ones are gone anyway.
The transitory nature of today's net
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