Tuesday, September 25

Free ISP Service or PC woes I pay for!

(This post replaces an earlier one on The great outdoors. The key to total fulfillment and ultimate happiness. Plus 'The meaning of life is........' I just couldn't be arsed after all this)

A long day at work, and glad to finally get home. So arriving to the greeting "There's no Internet access but a page gives you a simple fix" automatically produced that cold sweat at the back of the neck. The sort of animal reaction that indicates There Is Going To Be Fun Ahead.

It was those words - "no access" & "simple fix". Pah! Oh the joys of being IT experienced. Or once burnt......

90 minutes later I had net connect again, even thought the other pc behind the same router/modem was happily working as normal.

And the "simple fix"? Well every attempt to access a web page was met with this helpful screen to remove my proxy server aka "We're giving your browser a boost" Oh what irony.

No way around the persistent bugger. Only problem - the proxy usage was only put in a few months ago at the behest of the same ISP Helpdesk to correct a problem with intermittent site loading.

At the same time that the ISP Helpdesk finally answered (25p/min now -great it gets better and better) I spotted an alternate proxy detail on one of the NGs.

So after 10 minutes and nearly £3 later Helpdesk and me had jointly reset all my IE6 settings (noooooooo) and I'd finally been advised to "eer - use the proxy that works or...." Well nothing really.

So it looks like next time the proxy disappears I'm left with probably de/reinstalling IE6. So another carefree 15 minutes was then spent trying to quickly grab versions of that plus Service Packs rather than get poked down the IE7 route.

And NO - I don't want Firefox. There's enough playing around with all this already thank you very much.

A later visit to one of my regular Broadband help forums reveals that this has been a helpful little ISP 'facility' that's been regularly killing net connects for some considerable time.

Technology - don't you just love it. Bugger it - I'm off to bed. Hope the DAB radio is working ok.

(Edit: The solution? Rename the "HOSTS" files left over from Win95/98 since upgrading to Win XP on the pc. Looks like they were being used to resolved DNS addressing, and picking up old information. As they are not really neccessary in Win XP they (and the proxy server) have been ditched with no issues. Hope that helps someone out there)


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