Monday, October 1

New Outdoor websites, books and news

(This is going to be a bit of a catch-up post as I seem to have fallen behind with a recent rash of news and site visits)

One of our American colleagues - Daryl May - contacted me earlier in the year about his forthcoming LEJOG jaunt. Well the trip's now done and you can read the trip report and drool over the pictures here.

Meanwhile it looks like the SYHA is undergoing a hostel review at present, with an announcement here that 7 out of the network’s 53 hostels are to be sold. The organisation seems to be facing up to the same commercial pressures that its English counterpart has already undergone.

Paddy Dillon's name does seem to keep cropping up. And well it should with Paddy's excellent outdoor guides. Cicerone have a (new?) book "The National Trails" about to be published. Its not meant as an out-on-the walk guide, but more as a stay-at-home research. Whens the Psion version coming out Paddy? (and where's the reviewer copy hint hint)

Meanwhile there's a new outdoor blogger on the horizon - Gyrovagus "Peregrinations and ramblings about walking, books, music and other stuff" And before you ask (he says liberally quoting from G's site) "gyrovagus: from Late Latin gyro- circle + vagus wandering"
One to instantly add into your Favourites, coz you'll never be able to type it correctly each time I bet!

And finally - a free service from ninjaBlog Setup - "It’s our goal to provide professional WordPress blogs without you having to even think about all the technical details" No catch that I can find, except for the requirement to use hosting from one of their sponsor links. But a friendly and helpful assistance from what I've read so far.

Phew - think that's covered it for the present. Back to the HipPack judging!

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