Friday, September 28

Spring - a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love

Is it spring already, with those early indicatiors so nobly expressed by Lord Alf Tennyson?

There's BG with his subtle post "What a lovely pair" and HenesseyBlog with "A nip in the air…"

So just in case we've collectively decided to write off the rest of 2007 to rush towards the Spring 2008 here's my contribution.

Ladies and gentlemen I bring you Sgurr na Cìche, better known as the Pap of Glen Coe aka GlenCoe's nipple to the baser elements out there.

Oooh, no missus, titter ye not.

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LOL, John.

There's another reference to a dodgy landmark in this post:
(second picture)

East and West Lomond are collectively known as "The Paps of Fife" and, if you go to, you'll see why. (You may have to squint a bit tho'). :o)
A bit! And I thought I had a weird bent on life
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