Tuesday, October 23

Joe Simpson & The Beckoning Silence - more good stuff

If like me you were glued to the Channel 4 TV last night, watching Joe Simpson's 'The Beckoning Silence' then there's a further treat in store.

Joe has a website for a number of years now, but updates have been very infrequent. Which is a shame as I've read most of his work that I've been able to get me hands on. Always thoughtful and entertaining despite some extremely difficult subject matter at times.

So if you want Joe's personal slant on what was involved in filming TBS he's provided a film diary HERE. Its a long piece. But that's great as far as I'm concerned as its all highly entertaining and includes such teasing topics as - 'Swiss dogging', 'the joys of Erika the make up lady', 'a case for Bryan Adams knackers and a catapult', 'Helicopter Long Lining for beginners' and finally 'How not to get a poker school up and running'.
Highly recommended.

And the Daily Telegraph has an interview with Joe discussing his tender approach to child care. Well sort of.

Surely time for another book please Joe?


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