Thursday, November 1

Boggle News - Nudity amongst the wild boars

Disparate news stories spotted today on the BBC News website. And in adjoining counties. Hmmmm...

First up .......
'Naked ramblers have criticised "heavy-handed" police tactics in marshalling a fundraising charity walk'

The occasion? A 20-mile hike along the Dorset section of the South West Coastal footpath from Swanage to Lulworth Cove. Details here.

And then this caught my eye ......
'Special Branch are investigating the release of about 140 wild boar from a farm in Devon...after vandals ....released animals from the farm in Holsworthy for the second time' Details here.

My mind was just about to go into full flight boggle mode at the potential for mischief, when I spotted the walk took place in June, but the boars got out today.

Shame. Somehow feels like a missed opportunity

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