Tuesday, October 30

Voice from beyond the grave-Wainwright speaks out

Another interesting use of podcast media has just been announced.

Fancy "Take A Walk With Wainwright to the Lion & the Lamb"? Well courtesy of the GoLakes website and the voice of Nik Wood-Jones "the official Wainwright voice over" (huh?) but better known to you and me as the AW voice on Wainright Walks TV series that I've mentioned before. So you can now jolly along Wainwright's route with an audio accompaniment, if the fancy takes you.

"Wearing full Wainwright garb, Mr Wood-Jones walked Helm Crag and then recorded the famous writer’s thoughts and observations; exactly as they appear in the original 1958 guide book"

Perhaps a little over kill but the approach is an interesting one for people who find these things useful. MP3 download available free here.

Somehow I think AW might not have been amused.

But whatever your thoughts on people walking the fells with a set of ear plugs in (and I hold my hands up here as a practitioner) this is an interesting approach.

It comes on the back of the UK's foremost outdoor podcaster BobC. His latest innovative venture "The Weekly Podzine" offers free of charge a regular outdoor audio magazine. Packed with entertainment in the form of interviews, gear advice, magazine/book reviews and a whats-on-this-week. All tightly packaged up into a 45 minute podcast.

Hopefully Bob may have finally cracked the commercial reality associated with podcasting and blogging. To whit - how to at least cover the costs involved to continue to produce this type of material at a suitable level of quality. In Bob's case I think he may have cracked the conundrum by offering it gratis to outdoor shops, offering potential sponsors the opportunity to directly get their product message straight to the outdoor gear buying public.

Direct marketing at a very low cost, but highly targeted. Clever man.

To see what I'm talking about check the latest offerings to download here.

Hope it works out Bob.

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