Sunday, November 18

New Forest Waterfall - Burbush/Burley

Waking to the sound of a torrential downpour this morning, there was only one spot to go for today's meander. To visit possibly the most impressive waterfall in the New Forest. Or at least the rarest to be seen.

I've mentioned this unique spot before. Unique because its not normally a waterecourse, only appearing with heavy rainfall, and then only for a short period of time.
With today's torrential downpour, and the ground underfoot rock hard due to a lack of rain over past months, it seems that today's rain is running straight off the surface to seek it's quickest descent.

Take this drainage channel. Normally 1/2 metere deep, and about as wide, Usually bone dry. Today about to overflow.

Ridge paths, usually the best way to steer clear of the puddles, are now little streamlets up to several inches deep in the ridge's hollows.

I've come across no other wanderer, save a few sheltering ponies, on my sodden wander. But on my return to the car park I meet a solo photographer, similarly excited by the effect of nature and natural phenomenen. An umbrella sheltering his camera as he sets up the shot.

We stop for a moment to swop observations on the subtle variatons of the local landscape this year, possibly the result of New Forest National Park 'improvement' works. But a new source of potential flooding.

Meanwhile the water rushes past around our feet.

"Last week" he tells me "the car park was so busy I couldn't find a space" We grin together at the blinkered constraints of some outdoor users. Agreeing between ourselves that sometimes nature reveals the best of herself with a little effort or discomfort on the part of the observer.

A point lost on the crowds normally passing this spot on a Sunday. Oblivious to this grand display of a natural phenomena.

(Video to follow once Blogger decides to stop playing me up)

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