Monday, December 10

Bloggers Pantomine - Scene Shifts To...

Feeling reassured after the advice in the first aid book you start to ascend the gentle pass feeling the sunshine on your arms and listen to the cry of skylarks speeding you up onto the ridge route above.

Today the atmosphere is clear and you can see for many miles around, a balmy breeze keeping the perspiration from your forehead.

Around midday you start to descend for a short time. In the dip you discover a bubbling stream, and stop for a while seeking shelter from the sunshine by a holly tree in the mouth of a cave.

You are serenaded by a robin as you collect fuel for your BushBuddy.

Too late you realise you have not brought your normal cooking equipment, but one recently donated to you by an aged uncle after his long years spent in the mysterious Orient.

As the water for your brew starts to heat you see an ominous cloud of steam is rising darkly from around the cooker and a shape of human form is appearing amongst the vapour.

You rub your eyes for a moment not believing the sight.

You awake having fallen asleep in the hot sunshine. You pack and with a reinvigorated step start your final short ascent of the day. As you near the peak you catch a few words on the wind .....and shaking your head you decide never to eat mushrooms at that cafe in future.

You now have to decide whether to:

Ignore the noise or Listen to the words

Confused? Then perhaps you've come in part way through this extravaganza Click here to go to the start


It's John Genie!!!!
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