Monday, December 10

Bloggers Pantomine - Scene Shifts ...

And is if sensing your decision as you start to ascend the steep scree ridden pass you feel the first drops of rain start to fall. As they become heavier you stop to don waterproof gear.

Continuing to climb the track now turning into a water courses you rapidly warm up.

On reaching the top of the pass your perspiration is swiftly blown away as you walk head on into a westerly gale.

Through gritted teeth you turn into the wind heading along the ridge onwards towards your destination. You pause as over the sound of the wind you hear a far off a jangle of bells which seems to come from far ahead, higher than your current altitude.

You stop to listen for a moment And are swiftly reminded why you are on this ridge in the first place.

Remembering the general lie of the land ahead you stop to consult your map to confirm that there is your route is correct, and that no peak lies ahead.

You spot then that your GPS lanyard is dangling emptily in the wind. Unshouldering your pack you check the bag for the missing equipment.

As you spot the glint of the grey Gecko 301's screen in a side pocket you again hear noises, this time of a human variety. Loud and jovial laughter in the distance.

You peer through the grey cloud, the source of the intermittent sound hidden for the moment

You have a choice to:
Ignore the noise or Investigate the noise

Confused? Then perhaps you've come in part way through this extravaganza Click here to go to the start


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