Sunday, December 16

Finally a little peace and quiet

Football Cup Final. England football World Cup games. Wimbledon finals weekend. Horse Racing Grand National day. Any events that capture national interest. The run up to Christmas.

Recognise any common thread here?

This afternoon's walk on the New Forest took me to a usually busy area, close to one of the major camp sites. A little like a human anthill in July/August. And never really that quiet even outside the tourist season.

But today. Not one car sighted on my journey there. No vehicle was to be found in the usually busy car park. And only a couple of other people spotted wandering in the distant. And those only after a half hour or so of my solitary wander with the dog.

The world around me, or so it appeared, my personal domain for one of those oh so rare occasions. The sort of thing that I would normally expect to walk off into the hills for 2 or 3 hours to achieve.

And the cause?

I expect most folk were either Xmas shopping, or more sensibly hunkering down deep into a bunker mentality that the pre Xmas run up almost demands these days, for anyone trying hard to recall the "true" spirit of Xmas.

Its not all booze, parties, spending and January depression as the credit card statement drops onto the door mat. Not for some of us.

A bit of peace and quiet. A time for personal reflection. A long walk in the cold air (3 deg C and a cold wind - brrr)

This is my enjoyment of the the "true" nature of the world around us all. So difficult to discover some days, and so easily overlooked at this time of the year.


The moral. When the masses go left, turn right and head for the open spaces. Works everytime as long as you can predict the movement of the masses, which is not that difficult if you learn what to look out for.

I know where I'll be on Xmas Eve. And possibly I might find you in a similar place all of your own as well?

Here's hoping.

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