Thursday, March 1

A milestone passed

According to my site statistics this blog was visited by its 5,000th visitor earlier today.

When it came into existence in late July 2006 I expected some occasional feedback, and a semi-regular duty to post on my part.

Happily it's grown into a lively interactive site, helped in good part by the upsurge during recent months of a number of fellow UK Outdoor Bloggers, both old hands and the newcomers.

And readers from across the globe! UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Argentina, Sweden, India, China, Korea that I have spotted in recent weeks, and 25% - 50% of them come back for more (dependant on whose stats I believe at the moment) Amazing!

At times the posts and cross postings have been irreverent. Aye probably sometimes potentially downright libellous, but the spirit across our community is positive, encouraging, communicative and really helpful. Any rivalry is very good natured, and we're more than happy to help out where we can. Both other readers, and each other.

I can't thing of any area of society where such a cross section of people will freely and with such excellent spirit give so much of their time and experience on a purely voluntary and unselfish basis.

So to you the reader, whether blogger or not, thanks for bearing with this drivel.

And be sure, very sure, that I've only just begun to get into my stride here.

To quote one of my favourite authors Hunter S. Thompson - "Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride"

you are starting to sound as soppy as I do sometimes over on my blog ( folks, home of the scoop ;) )
haha sorry couldn't resist that bit John.
I think you sum up very well indeed the sense of community.
So well done on reaching the magic number.
Oh - didn't realise you had a blog WD, I must pop in and comment via my home pc a few times. and you know what that ends up doing to your comments matey!

Ta - onto the next 5000
Well done, John. I only started keeping stats recently, so not sure how far behind you I am (or should that be pm).
Ta AM - but lets not get too hung up on the stats, its the content that counts
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