Wednesday, February 28

RSS Feeds -Too many blogs, too little life?

A bit of a nerdie thought this one, but bear with me for a bit, it could save you time in the future if you don't already use it.

A post today on BG!s blog made me realise that not everyone knows everything. A deep thinker me, or is that just dense?

So I find it best sometimes to explain things from the start for those who may have missed it along the way. And let's face it in the pc/web world thats 99% of us if we have any sort of 'life' (quoth he sadly tapping out another post after a long day at work spent .......tapping a keyboard)

To quote Wikepedia 'RSS is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated digital content, such as blogs, news feeds or podcasts'

What that means to us simple folk is a one stop method to automatically monitor a number of different websites (As long as the website uses RSS of course, which is most of the blogging fraternity)

To give an example.......
I've added all my interesting site links into one bit of software on this pc, told it how often to check for updates, and then everytime there's a change to any of those sites it either just tells me ('There's a new blog post ready O Master') or better still, it goes and get the associated podcast/vidcast etc and plonks it on my hard drive ready to play with.
No other work on my part, unless I've want the package set up to tell me before adding the content.

A one-stop shop in effect.

Inital set up time is small, but the saving each day is huge as the number of regular sites visited each day continues to grow.

And on the other side of the coin, from a website owner's view, it's a useful addition to have as RSS can help bump up the vistor numbers by advertising the site much wider.

As ever in this interactive environment there's any number of packages out there to do this. I've recently been alerted to Google Reader which seems to be yet another function Google have on offer in their plan for world domination.

Personally I have tried a few packages out over the past year or so, initially to watch out for new podcasts and then added in blogs, and newreaders (e.g. BBC news) but the one I've been using for some time now is RSS Aggregator. Nice and simple to set up and use. And free.

So there's a recommendation for you pc users out there. And the plus is that all the content ends up on your pc which I like rather than having to download from a web based offering.

And now that you've joined the ranks of the RSS literate there's one more thing you should know.

It's pronounced R S S (RRRR-SSSS-SSSS)

Try not to say ARSE. It'll loose any street cred you may have been building up.


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