Thursday, March 1

TGO Magazine

It's March 1st so welcome to Spring, and the end of another dreary Winter. True it's been the mildest that I can remember but the main thing I always miss is the lack of daylight hours.

Go to work in the dark, come home in the dark. Not nice.

So it was a delight to watch the sunset around 18:00 a couple ago days ago, and to inadvertantly hear the start of dawn chorus at 06:00 last weekend.

True I rolled over and went back to sleep, but I applaude the general concept of my feather friends and their daily concerto.

In another few weeks, the clocks change and then its party on down until next October. So planning needs to step up a gear.

And with good timing, this being the 1st March, the April issue of TGO drops onto the doormat.

The last few issues I've been able to flick over in half an hour, but this one is going to take considerably longer. It's packed full of gear guides, backpacking and lightweight related articles. Worth savouring especially as I'm in the market for a backpack replacement quite soon. I was intending to pick out a few articles for reference on here, but I can see a few hours of gently controlled salivating in store for me before I do that.

Well done Cameron and the team, hope the mag keeps up this standard from now on.


if you want a look at the Lightwave S 54 I can bring it to The FIRST EVER UK Outdoors Blogger Con for you to look at.
WD - if its not too much of a baggage to heft around - I'd appreciate it

At least we'll spot who you are there
no probs on that front, remember it is Pokemon Fire Red!
urgh - won;t miss U then
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