Wednesday, February 28

Comments verification

Well these days most of the spammers are currently e-mailing me directly with wonderful money opportunities from Darkest Africa.

So I thought it was time to knock off the comments verification. You know those letters you have to type in; And then retype; And then again etc; As personally I'm getting fed up of the hassle with them at present.

If the spam returns they'll go back on.

(Edit - and that means you cheeky young UK bloggers as well. I know where you will all be come March, but you don't know me. Hee hee hee. Think wearing the recently donated African garb might give me away? It was really cheap. And there's $$$$$ millions on the way apparently)

Haylo, my friend. this is me, Cameron, from Nigeria. I would like you to look after my Magazine for me when I am away on the cross-Scotland walk. You can have all the money that it makes, if you just wire me a 2,000USD to my account.

Duncan, pmsl at that one.
My friend Cameron.....Umgawa Aplomb.

I thought you said to account for your 2,000 wires. My bookeeping course from your good colleague Mr Gerundula came in very useful but he told me the paper used had been used for nefarious accompanyments of a different nature.
Luckily I will be visiting your fair county in the 29th Feb so please lay out a pipe and woman for my departure.
Oh my good friends Weird & Darren.
May multitudinous blessings rain upon your parade and all you elephants have lightly painted toenails.
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