Monday, December 17

Outdoor Blogger Bite-back time?

The decisions to deliver an Outdoor Blog seems to somehow carry with it a carte blanche licence for some in the outdoor community to host their own attacks on the blogger's personality and interests.

Now I thought I was, in my amateurish way, attempting to communicate outdoor matters to those of shared interest. Or those who may just wish to learn more. Then again perhaps providing a different type of entertainment. All at my own personal cost of time, effort and technology mark you.

As a result my "public" face has appeared less on certain outdoor forums, lacking the interest to repetitively defend my own passions ad infinitum.

For after all its a simple defence on my part: I like doing it. If you don't enjoy the blog approach, then don't read it. There's plenty of other things in our lives instead, so let's agree to differ.

I'm always open to positive criticism. But some of the past attacks have verged on the plain silly at times.

So as the year draws to a close perhaps its time to kick back in my own idiosyncratic way (yep - I've found out what it means now) And what better opportunity than to play up to one of the more recent comments to demonstate the unbridled egotistical bent that all UK Outdoor Bloggers undoubtedly exhibit on an almost daily basis.

Read the new banner above yet?
"Giù la testa, coglione!"?

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Stay with the individualist stuff John. It makes the blog a good read. Who wants bland stuff ....

... keep creating that little world of yours.

As for OM, this is a bit like the telly. If you don't like it, then go somewhere else!
Thanks Andy -I'll try to keep the flame alight
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