Thursday, December 27

Windermere Railway, Outdoor Stripping & a claim to infamy

On a lighter note - just check out the quality of the CCTV camera footage from Windermere Railway Station. I trust that their coverage doesn't extend too widely along the platform outside. Otherwise somewhere there's a rather graphic record of my impromptu change from walking to travelling gear very early one weekday morning. At a time I thought there was no-one around.

'Nuff said. Ahem.

(I wonder if one can be arrested for flashing even if there's no physical body around to actually view it at the time)

That reminds me of some sordid tales (courtesy of ex-security staff & too many pints) involving Bournemouth sea front CCTV, very warm nights, and a lady seeking to make her mark on the more adult versions of 'You've Been Framed'.

But that's another tale entirely, and one I'm sure you wouldn't be interested i. Surely.


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