Thursday, December 20

NEC Outdoors Show 2008 - Brian Blessed spotting

Hot news from the OS2008 website as the list of celebs cleared to put in an appearance starts to build.
And yes - the early leaks have proved correct.

Sir (surely soon?) Brian Blessed is to put in an appearance.

It will be interesting to see what mischief he's been up to and about to get involved in, this time around. Last heard the space race was trying to keep up with his avuncularity on his latest venture which involved real off world travel.

Hopefully not just a reprise of his regular panto role as Captain Hook.

All together now "Gordon's alive?!"


My impression last year was that even if you wanted to you couldn't keep him away! He's a larger than life character in more ways than one.

He keeps the press office staff entertained - mind you his booming voice ruined at least two podcast interviews!

We all meeting up again?
hope to meet Andy - keep an eye on the OB Forum
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