Wednesday, December 26

Xmas Timewasting Fun

A little belatedly, some lighter entertainment for those of you enjoying an extended holiday break. Me. I'm back to the daily grind straight after Boxing Day. So play nicely whilst I'm busily grinding.

How to keep an idiot busy
Poke The Penguin

What. Too high brow? Surely not. Ok how about...

Yeti Sports Bloody Penguin Toss
Games for the Brain

Still here? A good way to watch time pass but still feel busy at the same time .....

Industrious Clock

And finally.......if you've ever received one of those African spam e-mail invitations to share the Dark Continent's wealth, this last site may provide a few laughs being devoted to email exchanges between “Gilbert Murray” (in a variety of guises) and various fraudsters (The Inventor is one of my favourites) Very inventive. Very funny.


A peak at the virtual 'my village' site set up to persuade Google Searches as to the validity of Murray's home village of Gypping In the Marsh sets the tone of humour expected. If you like the humour of I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue you may recognise the level of (questionable) taste.

And perhaps you might take a peek at the list of local businesses, but no Outdoor Shop. Yet.

A great parody of the 'my village' website genre.


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