Sunday, March 4

The Outdoors Station

You've probably already read on other walking blogs today about the relaunch of The Outdoors Station following Podcast Bob's legal problems before Xmas with a US based site of a similar name (but absolutely no sense of humour. Bob wouldn't say it, but I can. What a bunch of gits! I'm not going to even bother providing a link to their site)

As a result Bob's had to divert his attention to set up a new site. It's been launched today, but is still being refined as he finds the time away from his podcast editing/running a business/making a living etc to fine tune some bits and pieces.

You'll find copious amounts of podcasts and vidcasts waiting to download.

All free. All of a very high quality. All highly respected amongst the walking community worldwide.

The latest podcast has just been posted with a sneak preview of the March 2007 NEC Outdoors Show, and it includes the chance to win FREE tickets. Get over there fast!

And if your not too sure what on earth I'm talking about - Bob's thoughtfully included a duffer's guide on the site to help you get started with all this high tech stuff (It's really very simple)

It's not just for iPods by the way, most of us plebs stick with our trusty MP3 no name players, or listen on our pcs.

200,000 downloads says more about what Bob produces than anything I could add. Welcome back Bob.

The OS Outdoors Show

MP3 File


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