Friday, March 2

TGO Magazine - Return

Well that's the final page turned on April's TGO magazine. And what a superb read.

Now I'm one of the few walking bloggers who isn't planning trips to Lands End/John 'O Groats, the Pyrenees, or the TGO Challenge. Nope my plans are for UK based week or long weekend wildcamping trips. Its the movement that counts with me, or lack of, at the right time of my choosing. The rest is a little too regimented for my current tastes.

But for those preparing for the TGO, or just anyone really who's looking to restock for 2007 gear, this magazine is a gold mine, and one I'll be hanging on to for a long time.

Comprehensive listings, with sensible experience based reviews, for Sleeping Bags, Rucksacks, Tarps/Tents and Stoves. With a focus on lightweight gear.

A reflective article on the comprise made when choosing gear, that of comfort versus weight.

Feedback from the TGO 2006 post event questionnaires.

And even this month's pieces by Jim Perrin and Mike Harding are entertaining (I know Jim's work is highly regarded, but his bardic wanderings leave me cold. Now his book The Villain: The Life of Don Whillans - what a little belter!)

I was stunned. Is this the same mag which I have so quickly read and discarded in the past few months?

A quick flick through the mag provides the clue. The majority of the review articles carry Chris Townsend's name. And does the quality shine through.

Even the "trip abroad" article is not only a great before and after snapshot of kit choice, the wildcamp photos are incredible.

Hope TGO's not shot its bolt; I realise the dangers of niche publication - but this copy is a godsent.

Get it quick before it disappears off the newstands, because I'll lay money you'll still be using it to cross check gear lists in six months time.

And no TGO doesn't pay me for this. But I do give credit where it undoubtedly is due.


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