Friday, June 15

Dear Diary:Friday June 8th (22:00)

I inadvertently met Geoff outside Windermere Railway Station. Or to be more precise he came over and met me.

Meanwhile following a brief texting session earlier in the journey Stef (aka Bearded Git) diverted his drive up from the Midlands, to pick us both up. Nice gesture. And the sort of selfless action that was repeated by all concerned throughout the blogger meet-up. Always happy to help ease the way, but done with tact.

We parked up in Grasmere, having searched in vain for the now defunct Tourist Information Centre (when did that happen?) and then it was off to spend time in the sun and take on a few carbs at what was to become our regular food stop over the next few days - Miller Howe cafe. Not the cheapest place in town I'm sure. But plenty of outside seating, rather too much sunshine, a good view of Grasmere comings and goings, and staff that didn't seem inclined to take our cash and hurry us out once we'd eaten.

When the five of us early arrivals were present (Weird Darren and Dawn completing the group) it was packs on, follow the road past Grasmere Church out of town, past the Wordsworth cloning laboratory, and upwards onto the familiar cart track leading up to Alcock Tarn.

Newts were spotted in the ornamental fishpond (well I've read that was its original purpose) and finally the tarn itself. A familiar spot to me with good valley views all around except to the east, where Heron Pike soared above us on the Fairfield Horseshoe.

The tarn contained far more reeds than I'd seen there in the past. And the water level was definitely lower than on previous trips. But the inlet stream was still providing a reasonable flow in, and provided a reliable fluid source.

Tents, tarps, bivvy bags erected; Brews (and more food!) on the go. And there was lots of gentle chat and eyeing up each other's kit as the evening remained hot, clear and light long after the sun had dropped behind the Langdale valley ridge.

A good start

Alcock Tarn 2006, with a little more H2O

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