Wednesday, June 6

Wake me up before I Go Go

.....which is not going to be a problem that I forsee.

The forecast is looking good for the weekend. Now can I afford the weight of those sunglasses for the undoubted heatwave about to hit the following week? Or am I just deluding myself?

Whatever the weather, the break will be welcome; Meeting a select group of people I've spoken with, but in some cases not met.

And commiserations to those that are unable to make it along.

Similar commiserations, in advance, to any univited guests. The hills are free and open and to be enjoyed.
I'm not so feeling so wonderfully democratic in my outlook at the moment.

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Take the sunglasses ...

.. low weight on the hills is one thing, looking cool is another :-)
Hi, JH

Just calling in here to give your site-stats a bit of a hike :-)

See you tomorrow, if I can recognise you in your shades!

cheers lads - if you see a blind man bumping into large trees - that will be a combination of me, shades and Lakeland rain
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