Monday, May 28

Fiddling about -Blog website management

A bit of site testing over the next few days to see whether it improves the stats coming back in about visitor interest & search activity (You can tell the weather's rubbish can't you!)
Thanks for the tips Paul

And having looked over the tips there's plenty of ideas for anyone whose interested in the mechanics of blog constructiona, hosting, visitor monitoring & getting the word out. More than enough to while away many feckless hours chasing down links and ideas. So here's the relevant starting points:

Search engine ratings
Optimising your website
And the source of most of these goodies - Daily Blog Tips
Nice one Paul - that's my free time down the tube (lol)


Rubbish weather? It's been a beautiful day in Wales today, not a cloud in the sky! Unfortunately I had a bit too much to drink last night and didn't feel up to going out. :-(

Anyway, if you'd like more of your free time consumed, here are a couple of other really good blogs about blogging that you should check out. Loads of great tips on these:

And while I was browsing I came across this too:

Sorry... ;-)
Argh! And I'd just managed to wean myself away to get some food
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