Sunday, May 27

Mind & Body

Its strange how causality can work.

There's been some positive feedback to my piece on Walking and Mental Health bearing out one of the values many of us find from being outdoors.

And following a thread on an Outdoors Magic thread searching for news on Peewiglet I spotted a link from a commenter on her website to a site called An Turus which describes itself as 'Wilderness Therapy, Adventure Therapy, and Eco-Therapeutic Wilderness Journeys'.

There's an with the intriguing banner "In every walk with nature one receives far more than one seeks"
(and googling that last quote turns up a link to MysticWicks Online Pagan Community and Pagan Forums and Spiritual Sanctuary)

I won't quote the whole of the AT Wilderness Therapy page but its interesting to see just how closely this links in with my original theme. Of course most of us probably don't feel the urge to get involved with a commercial venture to enjoy the benefits. But someone out there sees a demand which they are prepared to fulfil. For instance ' repeat our The Outdoor Environment as Place for Therapeutic Change residential workshop 22nd – 24th October 2007 ... in Cumbria. This workshop will be the 2nd module of our Certificate Programme'

Fair play to the group who've set this up, but I personally prefer to get my outdoor fix in my own way.

So whilst it continues to rain stair-rods outside, as is has done since early Sunday morning, I've managed to go on a 'missing' person hunt, a view of therapeutic counselling and added touch of paganism good measure.

Funny how these things just seem to link together when you look in their direction.

Right, where's those waterproofs gone. I think the bank holiday weather is here with a vengance.


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