Monday, May 21

New Outdoor Blogger

A new welsh wunderkind. Another UK Outdoor Blogger

It's early days yet, but I know of Paul from his website and via his posts on uk.rec.walking.

One to watch I hope.

And a great example of how to present a website. The swine.

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Hi John,

Thanks for the plug! Sorry for the late comment but I wanted to sign up to this CoComment thingy first.

So you like the theme I've chosen for my blog? It was just something simple I picked quickly because I couldn't make up my mind which theme I wanted.

A good basic layout Paul. Easy to view and follow. Only complaint (and its just personal preference) I like to see the whole post rather than drop down, but with the length of these so far I can see why you're going that way
Yes it is easy to view, isn't it? Not really wide enough for posting decent sized photos though.

Yes, as you say, my posts are too long not to split them, the home page would be ridiculously long otherwise.

But there are two other reasons for doing it, one is to avoid duplicate content penalties in the search engines, the other is to get more accurate stats on how many times each post is read, which you can't tell if people read the whole post on the main page.
I didn't know about the penalty issue, but you've plenty of experience in that area I guess

Page count - makes a lot of sense
I've been reading a lot about SEO in recent months, check this page out:

And here's a handy video that explains stuff:

And this summary is very useful for optimising your website, click on the link to the original article for more detail:
cheers Paul - I'll check those out
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