Thursday, May 17

TGO - Weird Darren - Finale

I managed to speak with Darren yesterday about his recent escapades in the Highlands. There's a brave warts 'n all description on his blog.

A week ago he was an TGO aspirant full of hope and anticipation; Today he's a police incident; Tomorrow - probably a rescue report on one of the Scottish MRT sites; Fame comes in many fickle forms - lol

Alan's LEJOG schedule, temporarily diverted to head east, rather than north, also has a report on the situation.

And then there's Atkoman, stepping in to help out, despite never having met Darren. And finding something positive from that experience as well.

The message that comes shining through is that we 'packers, despite being an independent and largely self sufficient, possibly even cantankerous, set of individuals, know when to dip in and give a hand where it's needed.

A pity that other section of our society don't seem to have learnt that essential lesson. Life could be so much

It looks like Phil 'Super Hero' has quite rightly picked up a nickname that will stay with him for some time to come.

And who reckoned Phil only went on a rescue run to escape the sounds of Darren's persistent vomiting? (only joking guys!)

What a small world it can be with one UK Blogger's acquaintance helping out another. Well perhaps not that small on this particular occasion?

A bad few days that have had a lot of positive outcomes in the end.
Anyone else fancy telling me a GPS has no place on the hills after this?

edit I see Darren's even got a special mention today as an OM news item. He's never going to live that one down! edit


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