Tuesday, May 15

TGO - Weird Darren - Update 2

I've managed to have a quick exchange of SMS text messages with Darren. Basically all's well with him now after a few days of a devilish sounding complaint. The good news is no bones were involved!

Rather than as insult to injury, I'll leave the full blog post to him; But if his is not a solo case it sounds vaguely reminiscent of some reports from the 2006 TGO event with a "mystery illness .......that was quite widespread geographically".

Time will tell on this one. Who'd have thought acclimatisation for Scotland might be a consideration - lol.

And for Darren an chin-up extract from last year's report:
"Those who retired should not feel bad. There is no such word as failure on the Challenge: simply to have entered, done all the planning and taken part is an achievement, and we hope to see you all again"


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