Sunday, May 20

Secret Sunday - straying away from the flock

There's a bunch of researchers out there somewhere whose main aim in life is to monitor the mass trends of the populations at large. Not an individuals impact, but the broad spectrum across societies. Demographics I think it's called.

Over the years I've had my own peculiar insights at times, usually based my own simple people watching attempts.

A major sporting event? Especially football or tennis finals; Or some nationalistic jingoism courtesy of the press? Then miraculously the roads and towns become quieter. Less roads, less people around. And that includes the outdoor routes.

Today this phenomenon seems to have carried over from yesterday's Cup Final into the area I was walking this afternoon.

Sat with my back resting against a fallen tree. The sun beating down on my face. Not a soul around.

"Think like a sheep. Get treated like a sheep. But think like a sheep dog...."

One of my collies told me that. But then it ran off to fetch a stick, so I'm not putting too great a store in that piece of advice. Not yet.


Read Gogol's "Diary of a Madman" - see what happens if you start listening to dogs, John.
2 horses chatting to each other.
A dog walks past and bids them a cheery good morning to which there's no response.

Once the dog has disappeared one horse turns to the other and says "bugger me. A talking dog!"

Who needs a diary?
Dog 1: "woof woof"
Dog 2: "bark bark"
Dog 3: "quack quack"
Dogs 1&2: "what did you say?"
Dog 3: "sorry, I'm learning a foreign language"
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