Sunday, May 27

The Woody Woodpecker Show

A slight delay to this afternoon's walk in the jaunt as this little fellow seemed disinclined to leave his hiding place, where Mum(Dad?) Greater Spotted Woodpecker kept returning to feed him up.

A good hiding place, out of the wind and rain. But not a place that you'd normally find one of these shy birds.
Which was perched on a concrete bird bath, about 3 foot from my back door, where we're located in the middle of a largish housing estate.

It made getting out outside, without unduly disturbing the Woody family, a little interesting.

Guess the words gone around the local bird populace about the multitude of seed feeders, peanut holders and fat balls in the back garden. Which makes the monthly trip to the seed merchants for super size seed mix all worth while.

And the walk - lovely and wet. Great. It meant I had the New Forest to myself for a few hours.


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